Conscience Breathing Methods

By Teresa B. Duffy Breathing. It’s the universal life-giver and connector. I’m breathing while I type this. You are breathing while you read this, and on average you will take 20,000 breaths today. If you hang on and read this blog post for one minute, you’ll have taken 20 breaths without even knowing it.  Sometimes […]

Jim Lewis’ Member Highlight

We live in a culture, here in America, where going to the gym seems to be a short sighted event. People want to workout to gain a six pack or a bikini ready body or to fit into a pair of pants. Not that any of these goals are inherently bad, if that’s motivation to […]

Member Spotlight with Katherine R.

Katherine has been a gym member at OPEX Lancaster Fitness since 2020, since that time she has experienced extreme changes in the way she moves her body and mind. Katherine says before she joined OPEX she had no concept of what to do in a gym. Then she moved toward a focus on being at […]

Member Spotlight with Sarah D.

Running Her Race Over the past decade, Sarah has run twenty half marathons and twelve full marathons. A slow pace run for Sarah is an 8:30 pace. In 2016 she ran a sub three-hour marathon when she crossed the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon finish line at 2:53:50. “I worked for a long time trying to […]

Keeping Your Motivation

A Thought Experiment For Long Term Health And Fitness By Coach Bryan Pyle January and February have come and gone. Did your focus on health and fitness go with them? Many new health and fitness adventurers began their journeys in January. They were likely very excited about starting to exercise and achieving their desire to make […]

Member Spotlight with Charles Futcher

Charles Futcher stood at the Kapalua shoreline on the northwestern tip of Maui, surveying the elements. He watched the current, observed the pace of the clouds as they moved past the sun, and focused each observation toward one goal: be the first guy to the buoy, floating out there on the salty water. Based on […]

OPEX Lancaster BLG’s

BLG’s stands for ‘Basic Lifestyle Guidelines’. These are the everyday tasks every person should be doing to care for themselves. These are not exclusive self-care tasks for athletes, a particular gender, adults, or any other category of humans. BLG’s are simplified principles for all people to incorporate into daily life for the intention of reaching […]

Member Spotlight with Cara King

If you were to ask Cara how her past year went, she would pause for a moment. You might lean in an inch. Something pulls us toward a silent pause. It is within this moment you know the words you are about to hear will guide you deeper than you originally intended to explore. So, […]

Member Spotlight with Randall Frizado

More Than a Fad The year was 2006. Billboard’s number one song was “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter. The number one car sold was the Ford truck F-series. Wicked grossed $74 million on Broadway, making it the number one show that year. And Randall Frizado lost 130 pounds.  Somewhere at the end of 2005, Randal […]

What are your goals for the next twelve months of your life?

This can be quite an intimidating question whether someone asks us or we ask ourselves. But these types of questions often come up at this time of year. When they do, you may realize that you have ideas of what you want to accomplish over the next year, but you don’t have any idea how […]