Why We Are OPEX Lancaster

Jeremiah Williams, our founder and coaching director, has spent well over a decade crafting the client experience, and teaching both skill and principle to living out the best intentions for self-care. He has always maintained a belief that how we train and express our fitness must be connected to our sense of purpose and our ability to recover from any challenge we take on. As such, we strongly stand on the principle that every person is unique and deserves an individualized plan for reaching their health and fitness goals.


Our service model of holistic support to our clients proves that we honor the client, the coach, and the community. 

Every aspect of our business is oriented to the individual relationship of the coach & client, as well as the connections with our community. Our approach may be new to the market, but it aligns with our desire to offer a professional fitness coaching experience to every member we get to work with.

Life is meant to be experienced to the fullest. Our clients’ life experiences help them recognize their desire to take the next steps in their health and fitness in and out of the gym. With our unique methodology, we know we will deliver the results that they want without sacrificing the quality of training or the fun of the community.


It’s imperative to us that we share the same fitness belief system with anybody we align our gym with. For that reason, we decided to align with OPEX Fitness. The belief that we all share is written as OPEX’s founding purpose…


We believe fitness can be a powerful medium for discovering fulfillment in all areas of our life. By connecting to our physical bodies, we connect with what it means to truly live.


It’s a hard path to walk alone, and we know that strong relationships drive results. A professional coach and a supportive community provide the intricate balance of support and challenge that is essential for lifelong growth.


You are born to move, but your training can’t just begin and end at the gym doors. Our all-encompassing approach addresses the very foundations of your lifestyle in pursuit of your success.

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