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What if I don't understand a movement in my program for the day?

Onsite training will always be facilitated by a Floor Coach (see “What is a floor coach?”), who will demonstrate how to move, and how to adapt a movement if needed. 


What is the role of the "floor coach?"

As a practice, our coaches will only program what we believe you can express on a given day. Nonetheless, the roll of a Floor Coach is to facilitate, demonstrate, and cue your best movements and help you understand your programming coach’s intentions for your exercise experience.


Does my coach program nutrition too?

Our coaches will always lead you in a holistic way. Most often, we need small goals adjusted frequently, in order to find success in areas like nutrition and lifestyle. Your coach will dial in just how specific your nutrition accountability needs to be based on what you can handle.


How much does it cost?

Our services are positioned intentionally in the market to be more cost effective than isolated personal training, and far more inclusive than group training, representing a unique, yet unquestionably high value. See our “Services” page for specific aspects and general pricing, or better yet give us a call as soon as you can.


Do you have a kids program?

Yes! We have studied, tested, and learned, what we believe to be, is the most comprehensive and thoughtful youth programming out there. In fact, we call it our Youth Physical Education program because we are about more than just fitness, and want to educate your kids for a long time in both health and fitness. See our “Youth Coaching” page for more details.  


Is there a family discount?

Although we do not offer a family membership rate, we ensure that each person is coached individually, and that is truly the most efficient way to achieve personal goals. Hopefully, that contributes to an improved family lifestyle for you. 


What if my schedule doesn't line up with open training floor hours?

One of the unique attributes of our coaching services is that we are very flexible with where you can exercise, and what time of day works best for you. As such, even if our operational hours don’t quite fit your schedule, we can program for you remotely at home or in travel. Call for remote only pricing, if that is of interest to you.


Do you have a shower?

Yes! We have a very clean and well stocked private shower room, with just about all the amenities you could ask for.


What's included in my membership?

See our “Services” Pages for an overview of our services, but in general, the big values are commitment from our coaches, individualized programming, efficient communication your coach, onsite training resources, compositional assessments, monthly consults, personal training during our operational hours, on the go program adjustments, and nutrition and lifestyle accountability per your priorities.


What makes you different from a group training gym?

Simply put, we exclusively coach individuals with their own unique programs, who can come at their own convenience, and get to talk with their personal coach whenever they need to. This has contributed to not only having a great social culture amongst our members, but a highly motivating environment of driven and committed individuals. 


Do you program CrossFit and HIIT workouts?

We program based on your goals, and what you can actually express. Our first priority is to help you express your fitness as often as possible for as long as possible; we take longevity seriously. Where it’s appropriate, your programming may include levels of intensity that really challenge you on a given day. 


What if I go on vacation and can't make it into the gym for the week?

We will always accommodate your travel, and program accordingly. 


What type of equipment is in the gym?

We are well stocked with plenty of free weights, as well as non-traditional equipment like kettlebells, sandbags, sleds, various climbing equipment, and machines from Concept 2, Rogue, and other well known quality manufacturers. You will always be programmed based on your needs and goals, not on a popular methodology that assumes “one model fits all”. 

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