Living a healthy life doesn't need to be hard or complicated.


Plan Ahead

Taking time to plan, and routinely evaluating your plans for the future is a great way to manage stress, focus energy, and intentionally contribute to your hope and faith in what is possible.


Eat Right

Food is vital to our health and energy. It’s important that we invest ourselves in the digestion process by selecting and preparing the best sources of foods that we can, and furthermore eat these foods in a calm and relaxed way, so our bodies can absorb as many nutrients as possible.


Exercise Outside Daily

Adding movement to our daily experience, regardless of whether it’s actually needed or not, helps blood flow to refresh the cells of our entire bodies. Additionally, movement outside allows our senses to stimulate cognition, memory, creativity, emotional awareness, and reflexive skills. Try to include lots of outdoor movement every day, ideally in the sunshine.


Drink Water

Drinking water daily is vital to our mental and physical health. Every cell needs to be maximally hydrated to perform all the functions we value like immunity, metabolism, high level thinking, and pleasurable physical skills. Aim to drink about half your body weight in ounces of water everyday as a starting point.

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