Youth Performance Program

Holistic Student Athlete Development

OPEX Fitness Lancaster presents a holistic and inclusive student athlete development program aimed at guiding your child through the entirety of their competitive athletic career. Although we can work toward immediate goals, our highest priority is to help your child become well rounded and capable of expressing their fitness long into the future.

Our Athletic Goals

Injury prevention – joint/tissue conditioning.

Foundation Competency to Peak Expression – Macro to Micro planning oriented to long term intention.

Balanced Fitness Expression – Balance of strength, endurance, coordination, agility, accuracy, speed, and other characteristics of general physical preparedness.

Sport Specific Skills and Capacity – Personalized training of sport and position demands.

Our Athlete Goals

Lifestyle Alignment – Your child lives the aligned lifestyle of an athlete.

Knowledge Application – Your child learns principles and best practices in nutrition, recovery, and goal setting accountability.

Self-Awareness – Personal sense of wellness and stability for consistency of habits.

Our Unique Approach: Individualized Planning

There are some aspects of sport skills that can in fact, be developed in general and group settings. Individualizing specific drills, volume, and intensity allows your child to develop at their own pace at the right time of the year, relative to the season of competition.

What Our Program Individualization Includes

Post/Off/Pre/In-Season Orientation

App-based programming and unlimited communications with your child’s coach

Train onsite or remote as convenient

Individual movement and knowledge assessments throughout term of training

Flexibility in training schedule and time

Appropriate movement assignment

Short Term

(6 Weeks)



Long Term

(12 Months)



Mid Term

(12 weeks)



Next Steps

Step 1: Contact us for a clarity call!

Phone Number: (717) 917-8273


Step 2: Come in for a tour and meet our coaches!

We’re located just off the Greenfield Road Exit on Rt. 30, very close to Costco.

1809 Olde Homestead Lane, Lancaster Pa 17601

Step 3: Sign up for the package that works for you, and schedule your first appointment!

You can start whenever you would like, and begin training right after your personal assessments meeting, and a group-based orientation (offered once per week).

Step 4: Commit to the work, good attitude, and learning!

Success is right around the corner with this recipe and support of parents and our expert coaches.