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“OPEX Lancaster's touch is so personal. The first week is really just finding out all about you. What your goals are. Not just physically, but what you do for work. What your goals are for working out. Your workouts are very much tailored for you, your lifestyle, your goals.”
-OPEX Client, Jim

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“With Opex they bring accountability to you, and that really works for me perfectly. It fits my schedule.”

OPEX Client, Krishna


“I really loved feeling strong and able to do things that my body had never done before. There is no greater investment than investing in your health.”

OPEX Client, Nicole


“Movement and fitness aren't just for workouts; they're in every aspect of living the life I want.”

OPEX Client, Brooke

Fitness as a lifestyle

“My coach listens to my desires and knows my body well enough to know how to program around any injury that may arise. Additionally, he listens to what is going on in my life and programs around exterior circumstances. There’s a whole life approach to my workouts, rather than just what I can do in the gym.”
-OPEX Client, Lesley

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