What’s in your lifestyle?

Our American culture, in particular, affords each person the opportunity to exercise prerogative on how they want to live their lives. Certainly, we have the right to pursue the pleasure we desire, even as this is coupled with the responsibility to uphold lawful conduct. There is, of course, variance in opportunity, geography, and genetics, but generally, you are allowed to choose what you want in your lifestyle. As you know, the freedom to make these choices comes with a burden of responsibility to care for yourself for the sake of health and usable fitness.

The problems we face in the form of sickness and the inability to take advantage of opportunities, more often than not come down to what we allow into our lifestyles, and what we intentionally choose to be a habit. It is true that our habits decide our future, after all. 

So, what characteristics are within a low-order or a high-order life experience? How do we evaluate our habits, and subsequently upgrade toward excellence? There are so many standards presented to us of what health and success look like, that it can be hard to determine what is really needed to live out key characteristics of health and longevity. Let’s start with your standard.

Take a moment to define your standard of health and physical autonomy across the longest timeline you can. What is required to sustain this lifestyle?

Now, let’s have a quick look at some questions that can help you determine if your lifestyle is helping you cultivate health in all aspects, as well as the depth of experience in what you value as a priority. This is not an exhaustive list of questions, but they should get you rolling in the right direction.

What do you feel is your purpose in life? 

Can you identify what creates a sense of fulfillment in your life?

Can you see, or do you experience a rhythm in your daily life?

Can you show evidence of balance in how you distribute and recover energy?

Where have you set goals in your life, and what evidence do you have to prove you are moving toward those goals?

Can you identify how you are challenging yourself intellectually, emotionally, and physically?

How do you find support when challenged? 

Can you see how you are growing in those same areas?

Are your behaviors aligned with your priorities?

In addition to pondering these questions, perhaps take some time to use the attached document to list out how you want to operate on a day-to-day basis. Review frequently, and update it as you grow in self-awareness. 

Purpose – Priorities – Goals – Routines

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