Matt Charles’ Experience at OPEX Lancaster

Here in America, we like to celebrate the big wins.  Stuff like qualifying for the Boston Marathon, crossing the finish line of a 100-mile ultra race through Death Valley, or placing first in an Iron Man….in Hawaii. These physical accomplishments are applaudable, along with being slightly shocking. Let’s face it, we like a good shock and awe story, and we love a good human endurance tale. Right? 


Here’s the thing. Every single day people accomplish minimal moments that go totally unnoticed, and these small wins are what culminates to bring someone toward Boston Marathon qualifications.  

For OPEX Client Matt Charles finding victory over these perceived mundane moments is what lead him to work out with an OPEX Lancaster Coach. Matt works in education and manages a busy, ever-changing schedule which all came to a stop at the beginning of 2020, as it did for many of us. Our sense of normal got turned upside down. With this national imposed change, Matt stopped moving like he needed to or even wanted to. As time moved forward, he felt like his physical strength got stuck.

“I would walk up a flight of stairs and get out of breath, and I couldn’t even bend over to tie my shoes,” said Matt while reflecting on the main reasons for beginning at OPEX Lancaster. 

Matt decided he needed to initiate a change for his health because, in addition to not being able to bend over to tie his shoes, he never drank water during his day. Matt drank plenty of diet soda and beer, and both contain water, but don’t have the same hydrating and cleansing effect as water does for his body. Matt became aware of his need for accountability, and he sought that out in the form of an OPEX Coach. 

Bryan, a coach at OPEX Lancaster, began working with Matt to help him gain mobility, balance, and revise his basic daily hydration and nutrition habits. After Matt’s initial consultation with Bryan, where they talked about Matt’s goals for health, nutrition, and lifestyle Bryan was able to create a program specifically to address Matt’s needs and wants. 

“I created a daily workout program for Matt that focused on gaining back mobility and balance; while also scheduling into his day times to drink water,” said Bryan. 

Every client has different levels of goals, and every coach at OPEX Lancaster will actively listen to those needs. Then design specific programming to facilitate the best-intended outcome for the client. For Matt, something that seems as simple as drinking more water required accountability and hourly reminders. This combined with in-gym workouts and at-home workouts all purposefully designed by his coach has brought necessary consistency and needed change into Matt’s lifestyle. 

“Now I drink water more often and have a diet soda maybe once a day. I can bend over to tie my shoes. My body composition is completely changing,” Matt said. Eventually, he wants to lift weights and gain muscle, but Matt said Bryan is coaching him to gain flexibility first. Then, they’ll build upon a solid foundation. These steps are important to take in succession to minimize injury and build consistent capability.  

Nobody qualifies for the Boston Marathon or finishes first in an ultra run through Death Valley by skipping over the basics. Matt’s smart enough to notice he’d like to train in the basics, and one day who knows what kind of starting line he’ll be standing at. His adventure is out there, and he’ll find it. But first, purposeful consistency with daily movement needs to be celebrated. 

Congratulations Matt! Keep going. 

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