Speed and Power Testing Clinic

OPEX Lancaster proudly presents a key component to our student athlete coaching service, we call the Youth Performance Program (YPP). We have teamed up with Coach Rich Garcia to host his laser focused Prospect U Program, where we guide your student athlete into high level sports prospects that coaches want to sign.

Where our continuously running Youth Performance Program is intended to provide seasonally appropropriate personalized holistic training for athletes, the Prospect U Program becomes the perfect way to initiate using OPEX Lancaster as a strong support in progressing from high school to collegiate athletics.

The college recruitment game is incredibly competitive, and with the launch of the transfer portal, it’s even harder for high school athletes to get recruited. It’s important to create an athlete profile as soon as possible, so the recruiters can see a steady progression in skill and maturity over the early years of competition.

That’s where we come in! You can leverage our world-class testing software, and get your game performance metrics in front of college coaches at the push of a button. The Prospect U Program creates a portfolio of achievements and documented (and verified) proof of progression that recruiters find critical for them to be able to make a decision on who gets a scholarship, or who doesn’t.

How it works

Send us a request to be contacted below, and we’ll reach out to you right away to answer any specific questions you have, and even get you signed up over the phone. Then, simply get your child ready to bring their best attitude, and a strong work ethic to this 6-week training program. We expect your child to be able to attend twice per week, at any of the 4 training sessions spread out across the week.

Additionally, you and your child will receive:

  • Education on how to build a standout athlete profile with our software
  • Testing done with Dashr Laser Timers for speed & power metrics
  • A digital scouting report with real results¬†
  • Advice on Name Image & Likeness (NIL) Strategies


OUr next Cohort starts March 11, 2024. Sign up below for information.


The Event is Being held At

OPEX Fitness Lancaster
1809 Olde Homestead Ln
Suite #100

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