Now is the time to invest in your future self!

The best way to actually achieve your goals is to have a strong understanding of who you are, why you behave the way you do, and what your fitness capacities are. Knowing the facts about your body, behavior, and intentions, our coaches will guide you in learning how to apply sound principles for health and fitness to your own lifestyle.

For a limited time, OPEX Lancaster is offering the Personal Assessment portion of our Individual Program Design as a stand alone service. This allows you to get an immense amount of personal instruction, without a long term commitment. This is the easiest way to truly invest in yourself, and see what OPEX Lancaster is all about.


1. 3 Personal Consultations

2. Body Composition Analysis

3. Lifestyle Consultation

4. Full Body Movement Assessment

5. Action Plan

Take advantage now.
Get started on your own time.

We understand that the Holidays are a particularly difficult time to start a new program or create a major lifestyle shift. Therefore, we are offering this incredibly value-packed Personal Assessment Package with no strings attached, for you to implement in your own time.

We are only offering it to 10 individuals for the month of December.

Over 3 hours of 1-on-1 time with an OPEX Coach focused on you!

Have your body composition, personal fitness instruction, nutrition points of focus, and lifestyle principles in hand as you move into a great new year.

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Valued at $225, but available now for $150.

Contact us today, and be ready to take a big step forward in taking care of your health and fitness!